Gate Keeper


Once, I cleared the gate in a bound
A second time, pushed through
Next time, though
-I contemplated-
Defeating gates is overrated
I felt a song wave through my hair
Looked about, sniffed the air
Seeing there was work to do
I stayed
And stayed
And stayed.
Spring was fresh, and summer gone
Fall too short
I carried on
Rounding a corner once again
That old wood gate was beckoning,
But now I saw its hinges gone
From rust
From snow
From days so long
So clasping hands with you, my dear
I stepped on through a path made clear

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6 thoughts on “Gate Keeper

  1. Your poetry is like a breath of fresh air, Amy. I cannot wait to read your first bound book of prose and poem.

      1. Amy, this is so beautiful. Your writing paints a picture and grabs my heart at the same time.

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