About Us

You’re one of us! Maybe you’ve never considered yourself a “creative type,” but in some way or another, everyone is! It’s simply an expression of our nature. Sure, the variety of talents and level of development of those talents are as numerous as the stars, but that just makes us all more interesting! We are convinced, too, that comparison is creativity’s nemesis. Compared to a world-class cellist or, say, Thomas Edison, I feel about as creative as a piece of notebook paper. But, come to think of it, I’m so glad someone had the ingenuity to create that notebook paper so we can all write down our ideas!

Between the two of us, we either dabble
or have had some (or a lot of) training in; poetry, costume design, digital design/printing, screenwriting, drawing, painting, short stories/devotionals, fashion and design critique, interviews, teaching, piano playing, textile design, homeschooling, sewing, cooking/baking, children’s stories, inspiration, photography, decorating and various forms of art.

All of those ventures require creativity, so here we will share our art-ventures! Our sincere hope is that you will be inspired to explore and share your creative interests, too.

Keep creating!
Amy and Joe


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