A Pre-birth story; 3 snapshots to meet my love

The past two weeks have been a happy, surreal, heaven-on-earth blur. Every time I stop to remember the day Elise was born I am overwhelmed with emotion all over again -truly overwhelmed, I mean. It’s a moment I don’t have words to describe, a moment among few for this writer. So today I thought the best I can do is share three “snapshots” from the last moments leading up to her birth; three candid shots of my heart that day…

September 16th, 3:43 a.m. I woke before Joe’s alarm and looked out the window at my parents’ car next to ours, both “saddled up” for the day’s activities, covered with drops of water. This little poem, tidy rhyming couplets that belied the chaotic fear and excitement inside me spilled quickly out of my mind and into the handiest “pen & paper” – an email to myself; a poem for Elise:


I lay back in bed a few minutes, reading my creation, contemplating the day. Then, when I was officially getting up, I took this screenshot of the time & date as a momento:


Finally, as Joe and I headed out the door I stopped him for a picture, knowing full well I looked tired, bloated from pregnancy, and utterly terrified. But I smiled, because I was also overjoyed to be finally heading in to meet my daughter!

Photo Sep 16, 5 12 14 AM